Work visa

Check Here whether you need a visa to enter the Republic of Serbia.

Provided you need one and you intend to enter the Republic of Serbia for employment, you need to apply for a Visa D – for employment.

A Visa D allows entry into the Republic of Serbia and stay between 90 up to 180 days. It also enables the regulation of temporary residence in Serbia.

Here you can find the general requirements for entry into the Republic of Serbia.

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Once you have signed-in, submit your application for Visa D electronically.

Required documents

Valid passport


Proof of employment in Serbia

Proof of visa fee payment

Work in Serbia

Employment contract, a definite-period-of-time employment contract, contract on business and technical cooperation and other documents proving the employment of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Serbia.

Processing time

The processing time for employment Visa D usually takes up to 15 days. In some cases, this may take longer, but not more than 30 days.

Provided you meet the requirements for an employment Visa D and have all the necessary documents, please begin with the online application process.


For additional information about the regulations and procedures for applying for Visa D based on employment in the Republic of Serbia, see Procedures.


Should you have any problem with your user account or any additional questions regarding the online application for Visa D, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by e-mail.

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